Real Christmas Trees are best!

Caring for Your Real Christmas Tree.

Water is the key...

Now that your special tree has been selected, it needs to be cared for in a manner similar to a fresh bouquet of flowers. It should be placed in water immediately.

If for some reason the tree is not placed in water for more than twelve hours after it is harvested in the field, a fresh cut should be made by removing 1/2 inch from the base of the trunk before placing the tree in a stand.

The stand should be kept full of water throughout the season. A Christmas tree may take up to a gallon of water the first 24 hours and several pints each day thereafter.

Keeping the tree in water is the most important part of Christmas tree care. Special preservatives such as sugar, aspirin, or cola are not required to preserve freshness. All that is needed is plain, clean tap water in sufficient quantity to keep the base of the tree trunk covered at all times.

Christmas trees should be placed in cool areas away from drafts and potential sources of warm air. Trees should not be placed near fireplaces, heaters, furnace vents or television sets.

Christmas trees do not cause fires, but they should be handled to prevent being placed near sources of ignition. Light cords and connections used on the tree or in other holiday decorations must be in good working order to ensure a safe and joyous holiday season. Lights should always be unplugged when leaving home or going to bed.